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Here you’ll find information and inspiration to help you navigate your way through veganism, all from a Māori perspective.
There are recipes, stories, advice and more.
Kia pai te haere ~ have a good journey.

Nau mai ki Te Ara Whēkana!

We've gathered these resources to help you on your vegan journey!

Māori Vegan Profiles

Katie Brown (Ngāti Whātua, Ngāti Raukawa)
When did  you go vegan, and why?

“In 2019, initially for health.  After losing my father to bowel cancer I wanted to nourish my body after an incredibly difficult time.  I had also been raised to be a fierce protector of the environment – so for Papatūānuku, too.”

Pere Huriwai-Seger shares some kōrero on hauora from a vegan perspective.
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Looking for support?

Unsure about something? Check our FAQ page where our team members respond to the questions we're often faced with as Māori vegans.