The Most Dangerous Place

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In her new book, A Silent Knowing, vegan author Suli Autagavaia presents a domestic thriller that illustrates how the home can be the most dangerous place for pets. 

Suli Autagavaia is an author from Aotearoa New Zealand, of Pasifika (Samoan) descent.  Her new book, A Silent Knowing, shines a light on family abuse in its many unexpected forms.

Suli is an educator, public speaker, and writer with a passion for animal rights. Her books creatively explore the themes of animal rights and liberation that Suli advocates for in many aspects of her life, including work with the Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand.   

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a writer. From winning high school creative writing competitions to producing educational academic papers and practical materials, I’m now finally writing for myself and others who share topics of interest that ignite my soul.”

Her previous book, Animal Voices, explored the emotional lives of animals caught up in human production systems. A Silent Knowing builds on similar themes in a domestic context, exploring the traumatic impact of family violence through the lens of a loyal pet. These projects have given Suli another outlet to express her commitment to animal rights, veganism, and personal development.

“The solitude of writing suits me to the core. I’m half-human and half-cheetah; a lone warrior who can walk and live in a pack, but am at my best in my aloneness. This is where I create stories and inspire change.” 

The author walks us through the premise of her latest title.

A Silent Knowing

A fox in the hen house, clamps its jaws on her will to live, suffocating her essence until she surrenders – subservience or death. Perversity triumphs. This is my home life.

Abuse needs silence to thrive. I see. I hear. I feel. But I am mute.

Pain is inevitable but suffering is my choice. I stay — for my family.

Who am I to tell this story?

I am the fox’s nightmare.

Meet Black, a young border collie who is adopted into a toxic dysfunctional family. Through his eyes, we learn about the shenanigans of this family and experience family life on edge. 

Black forms strong bonds with family members and becomes their faithful friend and protector. Albeit, at his expense. Pet abuse is real, and Black doesn’t escape unscathed. To be the recipient of unconditional love from a beloved dog is one of the highest forms of love. Black’s family has a love problem, and we journey with him as he deals with the unloving, coercive controller — the fox. 



Why doesn’t Black’s mother just leave the violated hen house? Black’s story reveals unexpected truths in answer to this common question. Despite the fox’s attempt to clamp his jaws on family members, they push back. It doesn’t end well. But it’s not what you expect!

A Silent Knowing takes us on an emotional roller coaster and Black’s story will suspend you till the end. Whose end? 

Grab a copy from and discover a dog’s knowing.

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You can purchase A Silent Knowing by Suli Autagavaia through in either physical or e-book form. 

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