Dairy alternatives


Cows milk is for calves!
There are so many alternatives to cows milk that it would take you a few weeks to buy and try them all. Most are located in the long life milk section in the supermarket, a few sometimes in the fridge.
Use as a replacement in baking, in tea and coffee, on cereal, in smoothies, in anything that you would have used cows milk for.

Tips for tea and coffee
All plant based milks taste quite different so don't give up if you don't like the first one you try. It may take you a few weeks to get used to a different taste. You may find you no longer need to add sugar depending on the milk you try. If you have trouble with the milk not mixing with the hot drink, try heating the milk or leaving the milk poured in the cup while the coffee stands.

Make your own!
Check out some of these recipes from minimalist baker for making your own milks
Oat milk
Cashew coconut oat milk (Oatly barista style)
Almond milk
Rice milk

Here are some types of plant based milks to try:

= Vegan Society business member
= Some or all products are Vegan Certified

Soy milk

soy milks

There are so many brands of soy milk available, including supermarkets own brand. Try Vitasoy Soy Milky range for a taste similar to cows milk, or vanilla soy milks for a great taste in coffee. Watch out for Vitasoy Calci Plus - this isn't vegan! it contains vitamin D from wool fat.

Nut milk

nut milks

Try nut milks in smoothies, baking, vegan cheesey sauces, hot chocolate, and more.

Rice milk

rice milk

Rice milk is generally a thinner, lighter texture than soy milk.

Oat milk

oat milk

Oat milks taste great in coffee, check out New Zealand's first homegrown oat milk, Otis oat milk

Other milk

other milk

You can even get milks made from hemp

Little Island

little island milk

If you are a fan of a certain brand of creamy chocolate milk then fear not! You can have this in a delicious dairy free alternative! Little island coconut milk.

Stir powdered milk

stir milk powder

Oat, soy, coconut milk powders, plus flat white, cappuccino, and hot chocolate almond milk powders. Available in most supermarkets.

Cream and sour cream

little island milk

Alpro single cream is available in some supermarkets, as is Zenzo sour cream. You can also use a tin of coconut cream, any brand, probably thicker/higher coconut content the better, put it in the fridge to seperate the liquid and remove, whisk up the cream.