Dairy alternatives

Yoghurt and desserts

Dairy free yoghurts are also available in most supermarkets as well as health food shops. Coconut ones are amazing, give them a try!

Here is a list of some brands available in New Zealand. See their website for details and full list of flavours.

= Vegan Society business member
= Some or all products are Vegan Certified

Doctors Choice coconut yoghurt

Website: BioYog

Doctors Choice yoghurt

Raglan coconut yoghurt

Website: Raglan coconut yoghurt

Raglan yoghurt

CoYo coconut yoghurt

Website: CoYo

Coyo coconut yoghurt

Coconut Collaborative

Website: Coconut Collaborative

coconut collaborative


Website: King Intl

kingsland yoghurt


Website: Zenzo

Tonzu Zenzo yoghurt

Cathedral Cove

Website: Cathedral Cove

cathedral cove

Good Boost

Website: Good Boost Co

almond yoghurt

Alpro desserts

Website: Alpro

alpro dessert