Sandwich Ideas

Sandwich ideas

Also check out the dairy, egg and meat alternatives section under Try Vegan

  • Hummus - good protein source. Add in salad such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, spring onion etc.
  • Peanut butter - adds healthy oils which are best not heated, try hemp, walnut, flaxseed, or olive oil
  • Avocado - good addition of healthy fats.
  • Tempeh - good protein source. Try marinading with soy source and liquid smoke (tiny drop) then frying.
  • Vegan cheese - try vegusto as its the most tasty, or Angel food cheese to melt in a toastie.
  • Vegan 'scrambled egg' - made from tofu with black salt to give an egg flavour, read the recipe here.
  • Marmite - good source of b12!
  • Tofu - try marinating first. See how to cook tofu or google for delicious marinate recipes.
  • Vegan luncheon

See our lazy lunch wrap as a suggestion.