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Tips for creating delicious vegan pies.

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Do you need some tips on making vegan pies or where to buy ingredients?

From artisan bakeries to petrol stations nationwide, everyone is jumping on the plantbased pie wagon!  All animal based pie ingredients can be replicated or replaced with no compromise of flavour!

Check out our quick tips and industry contacts to get started.


You can buy commercial, ready made pastries that are plantbased.  Otherwise if you prefer to make your own try out one of the many different dairy free butter alternatives and spreads to find your favourite pastry crust recipe!


There’s a hero to every pie and if you want to stick to your favourite meat based recipe you can simply replace with a plant based version ~ there are plant based chicken, beef, pork and bacon style meats that really taste amazing.  Many are minimally processed and made here in NZ so again, find yoru favourite that works for your recipe!

Otherwise gear your hero ingredient to plants with a pie based on roast vegetables, beans, chick peas or lentils.  Tofu or tempeh can also be prepared so many ways and can really lend themselves to a unique pie!


There is a growing list of NZ plant based cheese makers ~ check out our cheese award winners!  Vegan cheeses come in lots of variety, from sparky, feta style to melty mozarella style.
See some of our vegan cheese alternatives here >>


Plant based milks are mainstream and as easy to grab as dairy milk.  Some, like coconut, might have a flavour you do or don’t want, whilst others tend to be creamy, like soy or creamy oat.  Again, experiment with the range and find the ones that work for your recipe!  Likewise the yoghurt range available includes a lot of coconut based but also greek style with less of that distsinctive flavour but all the yoghurt creaminess.
We have created a plant based milk guide here >>


Orgran produce a very easy to use egg replacer that is ideal for baking.  Alternatively there are many means of replacing the binding action of eggs in your filling with healthy ingredients.  See our egg alternatives here >>

Pie ingredients: supply list

The list below includes plenty to inspire you from some of our favourite suppliers and Vegan Society supporters, Gilmours, Blissful and Barker’s.