Vegan profiles

Shasha Ali

Activist, Writer, Enterpreneur

ShashaAli.jpg Being vegan to me is about consciously choosing to live without costing another. It is about living according to the ethics and principles you claim to believe in. As an actvist and writer who is also a person of colour, a Muslim, a feminist (and more recently a vegan cook!), embracing veganism was a natural extension of my personal & political journey. Food is very personal and I decided to cook everything that my Grandmother, mothers and aunts have passed on to me - and make it all vegan! I run Nusantara Indonesian Tea Café, a pop-up food stand that aims to encourage people to try vegan Indonesian food and appreciate tea as its natural beverage accompaniment. This is my way of contributing my passion for food, history and culture with a vegan twist, in Aotearoa New Zealand.