We Must Protect All Life for Our Collective Future

A recent paper published in Neuroepidemiology calls for a move to totally plant-based eating for all humans and the cessation of factory farming.

Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Valery L. Feigin, of Auckland University of Technology, along with two other international Neurology Professors discuss the future of humanity and how it is affected by climate change. They have collaborated on this research which shows the interconnectedness of all life on the planet. “Our global trajectory on factory farming is incompatible with the long-term survival of our species” says lead author David O. Wiebers, M.D.

Neuroepidemiology is a science of incidence, prevalence, risk factors, natural history and prognosis of neurological disorders. The professors are experts on the human ability to adapt to change, how we can do it and how it affects us. They have studied the effects of living with climate change and how to best survive into the future.

Interestingly, they have come up with the same solutions as the climate scientists, to go plant-based and to expand our thinking and concern for all life.

“This paper shows the evidence that humans and our planet would thrive if we moved to a plant-based economy, something the Vegan Society has been talking about for years. We have only 6 or 7 years to enact meaningful change in how we live and this research offers a way forward on how this needs to happen.

“The New Zealand government was prepared to follow the science on covid, the question remains, why are they not prepared to follow the science on climate change and the future of humanity?”

Media spokesperson for the Society, Claire Insley said.

“The time has come for the change towards a more encompassing view of the world, where humans are not at “the top of the food chain”, but a link in a circular biodiverse ecosystem. This will mean a restructuring of agriculture, a decentralisation of resources, an increase in self sufficiency. Putting the health of all life, not just human life, first.”

The Vegan Society currently has a petition running to request government support for farmers to help them transition from animal agriculture to growing the plants which suit their land.

New Zealand has a rich opportunity to restore the balance, feed its people, have food sovereignty, look after the land and the water, improve the health of the nation and mitigate climate change, all through a plant-based economy.

The paper further calls for a more holistic approach to human life on Earth, with professionals across all sectors, governmental, corporate, industrial, non-governmental, academic, educational, medical, working together to form a common goal of the preservation of all life on Earth.

They say “We must call on decision-makers to make One Health and All Life Protection the new norms across the various sectors while inventing and implementing equitable economic systems that have human, animal, and environmental health at their cores.

Our failure to heed the wake-up call of COVID-19 and rethink our relationship with all life on this planet will not only impact negatively on human health and brain health but may ultimately engender grave limitations upon the futures of all species on Earth including our own.”

It says that as the true cost and imminent dangers of some of humanity’s most unsustainable global practices become increasingly apparent, there has been a corresponding outpouring of interest in the concept of comprehensive global sustainability at all levels of society.

It will be vital to advance global governance structures so that they are neither rewarding activities that are destructive to the planet nor heavily prioritizing economic governance over health and environmental governance.

Success on climate change involving the creation of a stable and sustainable scenario for the planet will be of monumental benefit to all humans, nonhumans, and other life forms.

Failure on this issue will ultimately make all other issues of human, animal, and environmental protection academic.

This echoes the call made at the recent Bonn Climate Convention and goes a step further. There is only 7 years left in which to act, so the paper says, failure to act in this time will mean the coming decades will bring with them widespread environmental and agricultural devastation, massive famine, flooding, disease, and warfare with hundreds of millions of so-called climate refugees.

The future depends on it!

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