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Helping you adjust to a vegan lifestyle - long term.

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Who We Are

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand is a national charity that encourages and supports vegans and vegan options. We support vegan businesses via our Vegan Awards Program and our Business Membership Scheme which recognise, promote and reward vegan business.
We celebrate, advocate and promote at an international, national and local level so that veganism appears positively in the media, with policy makers and in the minds of the public. We educate people in ways that support their choices via our 21 Day Challenge, public talks, public events and vast online resources.

What We Do

We provide a means of social contact and exchange of information for new and existing vegans, such as sharing information and reviews on vegan products or services, to assist vegans, or potential vegans, in making ethical and healthy lifestyle choices. We also help to develop and maintain positive relationships with businesses and organisations sharing similar aims and encourage co-operation between vegans throughout New Zealand and the world!

Our Mission

The Vegan Society supports and facilitates a vegan lifestyle and plant-based eating by creating a vibrant, visible and influential community, and by providing resources and information.

Our Ethos

Whilst The Vegan Society’s primary focus is to stop animal abuse and exploitation, we also reject all forms of discrimination and oppression towards our fellow humans. As a welcoming and inclusive organisation, we are here for anyone interested in veganism, to whatever extent and whatever the stage of their vegan journey. We love to support independent, fully vegan businesses, as well as larger corporations who produce vegan products: each time someone chooses a vegan option instead of an animal product, animal lives are saved! We want it to be easy to live a vegan life, so that it can be done without thinking or having to plan for it: we want vegan options everywhere, until they are the only options – the future is vegan!

Our Goals

We actively support the increase of vegan options throughout New Zealand and the world. We also support the transition of animal agriculture towards becoming plant-based and call upon the government to support farmers to diversify into cropping and horticulture. We want to create a vegan world and believe in doing so by encouraging the positive steps towards that. We welcome all new members; individuals, families and businesses. Join us and increase our collective strength. Find out more here and help us to create a vegan New Zealand.

Conduct at events and issues arising:

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand is an organisation that cares about its members and attendees and as such we have rules and protocols in place that allow volunteers and attendees at all Vegan Society run events to feel safe and included, to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all.

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