The New Zealand Vegan Pie Awards

Celebrating the craft and skill of Vegan Piemakers throughout Aotearoa.

Vegan Pie Awards

Welcome to New Zealand’s Vegan Pie Competition 2023

The New Zealand Supreme Vegan Pie Awards recognises and honours 8 award-winning vegan pies from around New Zealand.
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2023 Awards

The Vegan Society Aotearoa held the sixth annual Vegan Pie Awards in October and we sought the best vegan pies to enter with $1000 in prize money up for grabs!! 

As well as publicity and the kudos of making some of the best vegan pies in NZ for our category award winners, there was a $1000 prize for the Supreme winner!

The top prize of $1000 went to Vegan Korma pie by Piccolo Morso – our Supreme Winner!  The event was sponsored by Gilmours, Grain Corp and The Coffee Club. Judging took place at Crave Café on 23rd October. A gala dinner was held last night at Kind Café, where a delicious, sumptuous dinner (not pies!)  helped crown the winners.

“Vegan pies continue to be popular with vegans and non-vegans alike, a classic Kiwi staple, a pie is never out of fashion and our winners this year showed some great ingenuity with their flavour combinations.” Vegan Society Spokesperson Claire Insley commented. “Kiwis know they can be assured of a delicious pie from any of our category winners and runners up.”

Meet the Judges - NZ Vegan Pie Awards 2023

Dharam Shah
Jasbir Kaur
Jason Hay

From childhood, cooking was the central focus of Chef’s life, and he knew his career path was destined for the culinary world.

While graduating from a culinary school in India, Chef expanded his horizons by pursuing insights from University of Huddersfield in the UK, broadening his culinary knowledge.

Chef honed his skills and passion by working in prestigious luxury hotels across India, eventually ascending to the role of Executive Chef in Agra, a city known for one of the world’s seven wonders. His dedication and willingness to grow marked a pivotal moment in his culinary journey, propelling him into the international culinary scene where he garnered acclaim and recognition. Dharam’s commitment to hospitality extended beyond the kitchen, leading him to take on the role of Hotel Operations Manager with Sudima Hotels, where he continues to make a positive impact.

Multi-award-winning executive chef & trainer, TV personality, creative head and chef of the new series “Ignite the Chef in You” and President of the NZ Chef Association Auckland, Chef Jazz is an external verifier for City and Guilds, UK.

She has been judging in New Zealand’s Regional and National culinary salon competitions for the past nine years and is deputy chief judge for the Hospitality Championships.

She has worked in top hotels and restaurants in five countries – USA, UK, India, New Zealand and Spain.

Kelsi Boocock, an esteemed figure in plant-based culinary innovation, is known for her delicious, non-fuss, plant-based recipes. Cookbook author, distinguished businesswoman and former competitive swimmer, Kelsi has completed a Diploma in Plant-Based Cuisine at the Cordon Bleu in London. 

Kelsi’s culinary philosophy is defined by her expertise in harmonising global flavours, textures, and colours with familiar gastronomic elements, and ‘veganising’ cherished childhood classics. 

Her passionate belief in the transformative potential of dietary choices to alleviate stress, enhance emotional well-being, elevate self-esteem, and bolster overall health is a testament to her incredible connection with food and its huge impact on personal well-being.

The almighty and formidable vegan pie maker and multi-award winning baker, Jason Hay of Richoux Patisserie – Judge Jason!

Jason entered the Vegan Pie awards in 2018 having known about ‘vegan’ for all of 2 weeks! He jumped in heart and soul to our first competition and he aced it, winning every category he entered!

Jason reports his business improved by 40% since the addition of vegan options. Half his business is now vegan!

Jason is also vice president of Baking NZ and has been participating in, and winning, baking competitions since 2008.

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