The New Zealand Vegan Sausage Awards

Celebrating the craft and skill of Vegan sausage makers throughout Aotearoa.

Vegan Sausage Awards

Who doesn’t love a breakfast banger? A summer sausage sizzle?

Since 2019 we have brought you our Awards to celebrate the humble vegan sausage! We have enjoyed an amazing array of competitors from home and abroad, showcasing their sausages, hotdogs and sausage rolls.

Calling all sausage makers!

For the sixth year, our annual vegan Sausage Awards are being held – on 24th June in Auckland.

Now we can choose amongst pastrami, ham, bacon, cutlets, turkey/chicken slices, and whatever other vegan deli meats are available in New Zealand.

As always, we welcome entries from all over the world although entries must be available to buy in Aotearoa.

If you think your favourite sausage or deli meat should be entering, let them know about our awards now!

If you make sausages or deli meats of any kind, register now for your chance to win a category award!

NB Deli Meat categories are not part of the Supreme Award – yet!

Keep on improving and increasing product lines and our awards will reflect those increased options.

  • Breakfast
  • Banger
  • Hotdog
  • Sausage roll
  • Speciality
  • Chorizo
  • Deli Meat – Pastrami
  • Deli Meat – All types
  • Supreme

Meet the Judges 2024

Helping us discover the best vegan bangers in NZ!
Jasbir Kaur
aaron Pucci
Jason Hay

Multi-award-winning executive chef & trainer, TV personality, creative head and chef of the new series “Ignite the Chef in You” and President of the NZ Chef Association Auckland, Chef Jazz is an external verifier for City and Guilds, UK.

She has been judging in New Zealand’s Regional and National culinary salon competitions for the past nine years and is deputy chief judge for the Hospitality Championships.

She has worked in top hotels and restaurants in five countries – USA, UK, India, New Zealand and Spain.

Aaron Pucci has clocked up 25 years in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

His trusted palate has earned him numerous seats on judging panels for awards in New Zealand and Australia over 15 years.

Aaron is always on the lookout for new brands and products ~ especially those that are breaking new ground.

Aaron’s ‘food for thought’ is a desire for more manufacturers to take up the challenge of sustainable food operations and reducing their carbon footprint.

The almighty and formidable vegan pie maker and multi-award winning baker, Jason Hay of Richoux Patisserie – Judge Jason!

Jason entered the Vegan Pie awards in 2018 having known about ‘vegan’ for all of 2 weeks! He jumped in heart and soul to our first competition and he aced it, winning every category he entered!

Jason reports his business improved by 40% since the addition of vegan options. Half his business is now vegan!

Jason is also vice president of Baking NZ and has been participating in, and winning, baking competitions since 2008.

Photos from Vegan Sausage Awards 2023

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