Meet the team

The passionate team behind The Vegan Society of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Meet the board members:

Amanda Sorrenson

National Coordinator and Vegan Speaker

Sarsha Sivanantham

Apollo Taito

Pasifika Coordinator

Mark Fitzpatrick

Vegan Living Talks Coordinator

Isla Reeves

Māori Content Creator

Meet the team:

Adrian Hatwell

Vegan Magazine Editor

Tina Rush

Social Media Manager

Jana Kastner

Magazine Layout and Food Editor

Claire Insley

Media spokesperson and Content

Rebecca Dent

Challenge Project Manager

Meg McKenzie

Website Layout and Updates

Helen Fletcher


Our volunteers and area representatives:

We also give thanks to our amazing team of other volunteers who help out so much with the Vegan Society’s important work.  They might help keep our website up to date, run stalls, help out at Vegan 101s, do some admin work, film vegan VIPs and so much more! Together they contribute some 500 hours of work every month. GO TEAM!