7 Day meal plan

Your quick ‘get-started’ 7 days full meal plans.

Your easy 7 day meal plan

Your Pasifika 7 day meal plan

Helping kick start your vegan journey.

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Spiced butter beans with herbs

Pesto risotto with roasted courgette

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Avocado on toast

Citrus kale salad

Roasted ratatouille

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Hearty breakfast smoothie

Hummus & vege sandwich

Broccoli curry udon

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Fruit salad

Homemade instant noodles

3 bean chili

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Italian pasta salad

Minimalist butter chickpeas

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Scrambled tofu

Lentil & apple salad

Macaroni & ‘cheese’ bake

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Hearty pancakes

Quick sprout salad

Tempeh & potato tacos

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Banana Pancakes

Quick sprout salad

Tofu coconut curry

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Muesli, fruit and plant milk

Green Banana Salad

Turmeric Manioke with vegetable Sapasui

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Banana Sago pudding

Cauliflower wings

Sweet Soy noodles

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Cocoa Rice

Hawaiian jackfruit pizza

Fijian Dahl

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Banana coconut breakfast bites

Vegan Ota

Jackfruit and Chickpea curry

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Cocoa Rice

Tomato, coconut ginger soup

Jackfruit Chop suey with noodles

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Cereal (wheat biscuits)


Vakaloo Cabbage with rice

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