Vegan shopping in Aotearoa

As veganism continues to grow in popularity, so does the amount of vegan-friendly products.

Vegan t shirts

New to veganism? Let's talk about shopping.

When you first make the switch to a vegan lifestyle, you might find yourself questioning what you should do with your existing non-vegan items.

Maybe you have a leather jacket or some laundry detergent that has been tested on animals. We've put together some guidance to help you navigate these questions and make informed decisions.

Keep what you have until it’s worn out, or donate to charity shops if you feel you want to get rid of leather shoes and bags, wool jumpers, down jackets etc.

Remember, the most sustainable clothing items are the ones already in your wardrobe.

As you buy new items you can start to become aware of what things are made of.  You can often now find shoes that are non leather (check for the diamond symbol only, not animal skin symbol) or online vegan shoe stores, often more expensive but better quality. See our shoes section under shopping.

Household products/ toiletries 

Use up what you have at home and gradually change the brands you buy to vegan options as they need replacing. Household items such as washing up liquid, washing powder, cleaning sprays etc. can be tested on animals and or contain animal ingredients, and the same goes for shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste etc. Check the labels, products will state if they are not tested on animals, and sometimes if they are vegan or contain no animal ingredients (if nothing is stated then assume they test on animals). Options are available at your local supermarket so no need to go looking in any specialist shops or online.

Vegan Society clothing & merchandise

Help support the New Zealand Vegan society by purchasing one of our great t-shirts, totes, badges orstickers.

The New Zealand Vegan Society of Aotearoa are pleased to offer a wide range of vegan merchandise, from t-shirts and hoodies to badges, stickers and tote bags. Not only do our clothing items look cool, they also help you show your support of veganism in Aotearoa, while helping fund our work to promote the vegan lifestyle and plant-based eating by creating a vibrant, visible and influential community, and by providing resources and information to those wanting to learn more. 

Vegan Society Magazine
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Specialty food stores

New Zealand has some vegan specialty food stores that offer a great range of products not always available in the supermarket.

The Vegan Shop – vegan shop in Auckland, but orders online are available.

Vegan Store – online store with wide range of household and food products.

Our Business Partners online stores – see our full range of online vegan shopping options within Aotearoa.


Vegan beer list – if you know of any vegan beers not in this list, or would like to help us maintain this list then please do get in touch with us.

Vegan wine and spirits list – if you know of any vegan wines/spirits not in this list or would like to help us maintain this list then please get in touch with us.

Cosmetics & household products

The Cruelty Free Guide
Very well-compiled guide that  lists genuinely cruelty-free brands that make beauty, skincare, body care, household and other products that are available to purchase in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Lush – with stores in many locations throughout New Zealand, Lush is a great place to get your bubble bath, moisturisers, perfumes, makeup etc. Not all vegan but clearly labelled where it is.

Otherwise browse our online stores here >


In NZ most shoe shops have non leather shoes which will be marked as non leather or with the non leather symbol (a diamond). The glue however may not be vegan. For strictly vegan shoes, and often ethically made in terms of materials and labour too.

Piccadilly Footwear – by Brasilian Footwear, located in Auckland.

Vegan Style – located in Melbourne, Australia

Vegetarian Shoes – located in Brighton, UK.

Wills Vegan Shoes – located in London, UK.

Vegan Chic – located is Los Angeles

Nice Shoes – located in Vancouver Canada, well worth a visit if you go!

Love Our planet – located in America

Moo Shoes – located in America

Additional vegan shopping resources

Helping you understand how to shop vegan.
A Guide To Vegan Logo

A Guide to Vegan

A Guide to Vegan is an ever-growing, free online directory that you can use to find out what products, restaurants, and other services are vegan-friendly in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Vegan Society E Numbers list

Download our Vegan Supermarket Shopping Guide, with E numbers and additives listed on page 44.

Beginners Guide to Vegan

Beginners Guide to Vegan

Our Big Book of Vegan Products details everyday supermarket items. This list was updated, January 2022. If you see any additions or corrections, please let us know.