We advocate for a kinder world.

Are you in?
The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand is a national charity that encourages and supports a compassionate world and the protection of all animals from cruelty.
We support vegans and all those New Zealanders who wish to learn more about the difference they can make every day through making compassionate choices. Your kind donation will help us continue to support and facilitate a vegan lifestyle throughout Aotearoa.

The Vegan Society is a registered charity and relies on fundraising and members to operate. To help the society grow and continue to support the growth of vegans in New Zealand and provide information and guidance to new vegans, please consider making a donation.  Every dollar you donate helps us to educate and create positive opportunities for those considering a vegan lifestyle.  Every Kiwi who moves to a plant-based diet saves many animal lives!

You can apply for tax back on your donation at the end of the financial year (you can do this online through myIR on the IRD website). Please contact us to request a receipt.

You can also join The Vegan Society of New Zealand and pay for yearly membership that offers various perks and discounts.