Vegan Living ~ Free Talks

Inspiring and educating about living vegan!

What are the Vegan Living Free Talks?

Vegan Living Talks inspire and educate about living vegan! Throughout the talks we discuss how switching to a plant based vegan diet and lifestyle can have positive impacts on health, the environment, animal welfare, sporting performance, your cooking and more.
We advise on how and where to start. At the end of the talks we provide vegan food samples for everyone to try! And we’re here for as many questions as you can throw at us!

Who delivers the talks?

Talks are given by long-term vegans and usually a plant-based doctor or nutritionist as well. Talks are aimed at new-by vegans and anyone thinking about becoming vegan or wanting to add vegan meals into their lives. We also welcome those who want to learn more about a vegan friend or family member.


Where are Vegan Living Talks held?

We have been running Vegan Living Talks around Auckland since 2018 in collaboration with Auckland Libraries. The meetings are preceded by a month-long display of vegan-themed books, magazines, flyers and posters. As a result thousands of books and magazines have been distributed, loaned and displayed across the year. In other centres we hold our talks in public meeting rooms as well as libraries.


What do the talks involve?

The talks are free and they run for around 90 minutes. No need to book. All are welcome.

They cover the many aspects of veganism and look at the why, how, what to eat and where to shop. There’s a Q and A session at the end as well as vegan food sampling


Can we deliver talks in your area?

Potentially! And we would love your help.

Request a talk at your library, club, or school etc in Auckland, Tauranga or Wellington. Ask the manager to get in touch with


Can  you help us give talks?

If you’re a keen speaker inspired to deliver talks in your area, or you’re an organiser keen to help establish or run talks, please get in touch with


Meet our Living Talks Team

Josh howell
Amanda Sorenson
Brad Dixon

Auckland Presenter

Josh Howell is an ultra-athlete and passionate vegan since 2014. Walking the talk when it comes to healthy living. Right into fitness, have ticked off both a 100 mile ultramarathon and an Ironman as a plant based athlete. Aspiring Health coach helping to empower people to take control of their own health. Absolutely love the vegan lifestyle! 

Auckland Presenter

Amanda Sorrenson is the National coordinator of the NZ Vegan Society, who became vegan in 2002. A vegetarian and animal advocate since childhood, Amanda believes becoming vegan is not only super easy and inspiring, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself, the planet and the animals, as well as your kitchen and your cooking repertoire!


Auckland Presenter

Dr Mark Craig is an Auckland-based GP leading a plant-based, vegan lifestyle and running his own clinic at True South Medical in Mt Albert. Mark advocates a whole food, plant based diet to treat or prevent most conditions. He is vice chairperson of Evidence Based Eating NZ, a plant based diet advocacy and education charitable trust, which puts on events and talks regularly. 

As a plant-based athlete, he competes regularly in triathlon, biking and swimming events at a locally and internationally. He is also raising two plant based children.

Tauranga Presenter

Brad Dixon is a holistic physiotherapist, wellness coach, and content creator based at EVERFIT Physio & Coaching. His passion is helping people strive for their potential with promotion of enhancing daily habits. Brad’s interest in a whole food plant based lifestyle was triggered when his uncle was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

This started his transitioning in 2014 to move along the spectrum to a plant based lifestyle firstly for performance and health, then having his mind opened to the inefficiency of intensively raising animals for food.

Daniel Ralphs
Dr Luke Wilson

Tauranga Presenter

Dr. Coral Dixon is a NZ trained doctor with over 20 years experience, and a keen interest in lifestyle and preventative health. Coral has a particular interest in promoting and highlighting the fundamental importance of environmental and planetary health for holistic and sustainable human wellness.


Wellington Presenter

Sarah Arnold-Hall is a passionate vegan advocate and could easily make a full time job of watching baby piglet videos on Instagram. She has been vegan for five years. When she’s not watching animal videos, she works as a High Performance Coach, helping people overcome procrastination and take action on their goals.


Wellington Presenter

Daniel Ralphs has been vegan since 2017 and loves sharing easy vegan recipes and clothing brands. He built and owns three escape rooms in Brighton, England -a city crowned the Vegan Capital of the World in 2022! 


Wellington Presenter

Dr Luke Wilson is the director of Two Zesty Bananas and his whole foods plant-based journey began after reading the ground-breaking book ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell

Luke is a Board Director and NZ Ambassadoc for Australasian charity Doctors For Nutrition. He has experience helping hundreds of people transform their lives by adopting a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.


Photos from Vegan Living Talks Events