The New Zealand Dairy Free Awards

Celebrating excellence in the dairy-free plant-based alternatives.

Dairy Free Awards

The 2022 Dairy Free Awards Results.

The future of milk products is plant-based. We hope that the government will help farmers to diversify and transition to growing plants over the coming decade. It’s time for New Zealand to once again become global leaders. We can do this, we can change our economy from meat and dairy based to horticultural based. We will meet our Paris Agreement goals if we invest in our land wisely, grow the right crops in the right environment and increase our organic inputs.

Celebrating excellence in the plant-based alternatives, this year the Dairy Free Awards entrants were People’s Choice.

This is the third year that we have run the awards and we have welcomed your input from the start this time. 

You have voted on your favourite vegan products in 4 different categories:


Best Dairy Free Milk

Winner ~ Boring Oat Milk ~ original
Runner Up ~ Otis Oat Milk – The Barista

Best Dairy Free Yoghurt

Winner ~ Raglan Coconut Yoghurt ~ vanilla
Runner Up ~ The Collective Plant ~ Natural Yoghurt

Best Dairy Free Ice Cream

Winner ~ Little island ~ Chocolate Organic
Runner Up ~ Duck Island ~ Salted Chocolate Brownie

Best Dairy Free Butter/Spread

Winner ~ Vutter
Runner Up ~ Olivani