Will Dunedin Be Our First Plant Based Treaty City?

Endorse the plant based treaty

What is the Plant Based Treaty?

The Plant Based Treaty is a set of 38 proposals that act as a blue print for a livable, sustainable future for all, so it is vitally important that we get action on endorsing these proposals.

In the fight against climate change, it has been shown over again, that eating vegan is the most meaningful action anyone can take. This goes for everyone, including councils, cities, businesses and organisations, not just individuals.

In January 23, Edinburgh endorsed this Treaty and thus we felt it relevant and important to get her sister city of Dunedin to do the same. The mayor, Jules Radich, needs help and encouragement to investigate this further, so we are asking you to email him to let him know the eyes of Aotearoa are on him!

Edinburgh: “Councillors have endorsed the Plant Based Treaty, which aims to promote a shift to healthier, sustainable diets based on less consumption of meat and dairy products.

The capital is the first Scottish city to sign up to the initiative, which has been backed by 20 cities around the world and celebrities, scientists and politicians.

Green Councillor Steve Burgess introduced the Plant Based Treaty to a council meeting in March last year, where it was agreed to create an impact assessment on the implications of the treaty.”

Dunedin can become the FIRST Australasian city to sign the Plant Based Treaty!

What can you do?

  1. Sign our petition!  It’s quick and easy and we call on the Dunedin City Council to endorse the Plant Based Treaty.
  2. Email the mayor yourself.

Using your own words will make your statement more impactful, but below are some suggested phrases, themes and ideas you could use:


Framework for your email:
Feel free to copy or to use for inspiration!

To the Honourable Mayor of Dunedin

Kia ora Jules,

I/we are writing to let you know about an awesome opportunity for Dunedin to lead the way in Aotearoa and help mitigate its greenhouse gas emissions by becoming the first city in New Zealand to endorse the Plant Based Treaty.

Did you know that endorsing the Plant Based Treaty is a great opportunity for Dunedin to meet its Zero Carbon by 2030 goal? By declaring a climate emergency Dunedin has committed itself to reducing emissions across all sectors, but not food? In 2019 a report from C40 Cities showed that food was the biggest source of urban consumption-based emissions and noted that a move to a plant-based diet offered, by far, the biggest opportunity for emissions savings in cities.

We urge you to have a look at the report and statement issued by Edinburgh regarding their endorsement of the PBT. It would surely be a great opportunity for their sister city Dunedin to become the first Australasian city to endorse the Treaty. Dunedin would be seen to be a very progressive city.

Climate change will affect everybody in some way, no matter where you live. Thus, it is up to all of us to do what we can in our lives to mitigate the effects. Going plant-based is the easiest, simplest, and most effective thing that any individual can do. You could save up to 73% of your emissions due to food by choosing plant-based meals. With every meal you eat, you make a choice, and your choices make a difference.

The science is clear, globally we need to shift towards plant-based diets this decade to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown! And only responsible, action-orientated leadership will get us there.

I/We am/are not against farming, I/we oppose what is being farmed, as it Is a large driver of climate change. In New Zealand our emissions are mostly due to animal agriculture and that’s with using “the best farming techniques in the world”. Although Kiwi farmers do a remarkable job, the fact is these lands were never designed for so many farm animals. We do not want to put Kiwi farmers out of work. We want them to transition towards growing more plants so that we can all eat healthily and look after our planet, so we all have a future here.

Our farmers have always been adaptable and that is what makes them so resilient and successful. It is their determination to do the right thing that has been key to their success. Times are changing and therefore farmers must change with those times. A transition towards plant-based farming will benefit everyone. There are many Kiwi companies moving in this direction, these include Angel Food, Berkano, Daisy Lab, Plan*t, Tonzu and Otis, to name but a few.

We cannot continue to cling to the polluting industries of yesteryear and must instead embrace new ways of doing things.

All the research on emissions due to food, show that what you eat makes a huge difference. With a global population of 8 billion and rising, we cannot pretend that everyone can eat a meat and dairy diet. It would require 3 planets to deliver this! We only have the one. So we must do what is required. Endorsing the Treaty is required by every council in NZ, why not be the first?