Where can you bulk purchase vegan sausages?

Vegan and Plant Based Sausages for your Sizzle


Providing vegan sausages at sizzles just got way easier!

Where can you buy vegan and plant based sausages for your sizzle.?

Everyone loves a sausage sizzle and it’s a great way to promote your cause, get amongst the community and raise funds!

Plant-based sausages appeal to environmentalists, animal-lovers, kids, the health conscious, vegans and vegetarians and well everyone really!

And because of this, they might be a better fit for your charity or group, or you might just want to include them at your sizzle event.


Award-winning plant based bangers complete with clever casings and packed with goodness!
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All Fry’s foods are winners for the barbeque, but this traditional boerewors-seasoned sausage is a firm favourite! Put them on the grill and watch the heads turn towards your sizzle!

Contact Rishav on: hello@vegetariandelights.co.nz


Bean Supreme

Bean Supreme have launched a fundraising sausage box initiative and groups can apply online for sausages at a discounted rate to help raise money for important causes.

There are 96 sausages in 1 fundraiser box 😊
Check out their Fundraising page.



Tonzu’s certified organic vegan sausages are proudly made in NZ, using only natural ingredients. Their wonderfully mild savoury herb flavour is simply delicious!

Contact info@tonzu.co.nz

Find out about Tonzu sponsorship opportunities for your event:
Plant based sausage sizzle event