Vegan Pasifika resources

Talofa, Malo e Lelei, Kia Orana, Fakalofa Atu, Bula and a warm Pasifika Greeting to you all!


Meet Augustine!

Proud mother of 4 and 1st generation New Zealand-born Cook Islands woman, who is committed to veganism and gardening. She is also passionate about maintaining her culture, heritage and language whilst creating fun, colourful and exciting vegan dishes that are quick to make and taste great! Empowering others and being part of an amazing community is key.

Augustine will coordinate our Pasifika outreach by promoting and advocating the benefits of veganism to the Pasifika community. Augustine leads our vegan Pasifika cookalongs and 21 day Pasifika vegan challenge, while contributing her recipes and advice to our members. Here you can:

Augustine’s mantra is “Give it a try, and change out one meal a day to vegan. Level up and do the 21 days Vegan Challenge, it’s amazing what you achieve with small steps. You are not alone and can do so safely with support and no judgement. Always here to help!”

Join in our regular Vegan Pasifika Cookalong.

Livestreaming from our Facebook page. Stock up, tune in, watch and cook along as the fabulous and talented Augustine Kopa demonstrates how to create delicious magic!

Augustine, a mother of 4, is passionate about creating quick and easy meals that don’t compromise on taste for her family. She offers over 12 years’ experience in the hospitality industry where she learnt fantastic cooking tips and ideas from the best Maître’D and head chef in the Rarotongan hospitality trade.
Augustine is a keen organic gardener who likes to source local produce wherever she can. In the future, her dream is to own and operate a seasonal vegan food and coffee cart, travelling up and down NZ.
Best of all, she will be focusing on affordable meals that you can prep in 30 minutes or less – winning!
She cannot wait to meet you all.

Our Pasifika recipes are delicious vegan dishes from everyday Pasifika Kiwis:

Kick start your vegan journey with our 7 day Pasifika meal plan

Banana Pancakes

Quick sprout salad

Tofu coconut curry

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Chia Sago in Coconut milk

Green Banana Salad

Turmeric Manioke with vegetable Sapasui

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Mango and Date smoothie

Cauliflower wings

Sweet Soy noodles

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Cocoa Rice

Hawaiian jackfruit pizza

Fijian Dahl

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Banana coconut breakfast bites

Vegan Ota

Jackfruit and Chickpea curry

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Breakfast Hash

Tomato, coconut ginger soup

Jackfruit Chop suey with noodles

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Banana Sago pudding


Vakaloo Cabbage with rice

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