Feb No Dairy 2024

Kiwis Vote for Dairy Free Favourites

The Vegan Society has held their fourth annual Dairy Free Awards to celebrate what they call “FebNoDairy” to highlight the great dairy alternatives in Kiwi shops and cafes across the country. This award is a People’s Choice award with voters determining the best that Aotearoa has to offer.

“There has never been a better time to try out vegan foods and our People’s Choice awards show everyone what is popular and what others recommend as great tasting dairy free alternatives.” Spokesperson Claire Insley said, “We are delighted that so many people took part in the voting process. Every year we have new products to add in, new companies come to the fore and the winners should be proud of their position. We are so lucky to have such a wide range of dairy free alternatives available to all those seeking to reduce and remove dairy products from their diet, these are not just for vegans, everyone can enjoy them”

The Vegan Society awards showcase the range of plant-based products available in the country, from small artisan businesses to the big corporations. As dairy free becomes more popular consumers know that award winners will be great products and it can take the difficulty out of choosing which product is the best for them. Winners have the opportunity to display awards on their products, letting the public know they are looking at a truly delicious food.

These products have a lower carbon footprint than their animal-based counterparts, and contribute less pollution in their production. Some of them even have a zero waste ethic as well. One of the nominees for the ice cream category, EatKinda, is actually made from cauliflowers! All the ugly caulis that no one wants to buy can be turned into delicious plant-based ice cream instead!

There are six categories that the public voted for in this year’s awards.

Dairy Free Awards Winners 2024

Ice Cream

Winner by just 4 votes is Magnum Almond

Runners up were Tiptop Boysenberry Trumpet, along with Duck Island Salted Chocolate Brownie

Plant Based Milk

Winner is Boring Oat Barista, who also won last year.

Runner up is Vitasoy Oat.


Winner is Vutter Original taking half the votes!

Runner up is also Vutter with their Garlic blend

Plant Based Desserts

Equal Winners are Alpro Chocolate 4 pack dessert and Alpro 250ml carton of custard

Equal Runners up are Sara Lee Joy Blueberry Cheesecake and Sara Lee Joy Key Lime Cheesecake

Plant Based Yoghurts

Winner is Raglan Food Company Vanilla Bean

Runner up is Raglan Food Company Raspberry


Winner is Angel Food Sour Cream

Runners up are Alpro Single Soy Cream and Little Island Cashew Cream

For more information about the awards visit https://vegansociety.org.nz/nz-dairy-free-awards/

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