Big Sugary Dogue – Vegan Hospitality Consulting

Big Sugary Dogue helps ethically driven businesses and individuals reach their audience - and achieve the results they deserve.
Vegan Hospitality Consulting + Graphic Design + Social Media Consulting.

Meet changing customer demands and expand your business revenue by confidently developing and serving a vegan menu.

Statistics show 34% of New Zealanders are eating less or no meat, with a 19% growth in Kiwis adopting a plant-based diet over the last two years. 6-10% of the New Zealand population are vegan and vegetarians, that's over 500,000 customers you might be missing out on!

As a nation of innovators, New Zealand is ranked 4th as the top vegan country to live and visit. This incredible achievement takes more than just a side salad or bowl of hot chips. With more and more restaurants dabbling and testing vegan options, get ahead of the pack and deliver your culinary expertise to a fast growing new audience.

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