Black-and-Gold barber

Black and Gold Barbershop

Tanith is a grooming specialist and along with husband Owen, has been vegan for over a decade, and have been raising their two kids vegan to understand their impact on animals and the planet.

The barbershop reflects the same ethics they live by everyday. With a commitment to the community, animals and the planet, they only use and sell vegan & cruelty-free products. The products sold in the shop are high quality, and sourced from small New Zealand or Australian businesses, who share their values. This is a barbershop where everyone is welcome with love and support, a safe place to be yourself and express yourself through your hair and overall grooming style.

Beyond haircuts, they have created a haven where style meets compassion, and every service contributes to a thriving, socially responsible community.

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1 County Road, Torbay, North Shore City
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