Eliminate animal agriculture by 2050.


The Vegan Society has called for a reduction in livestock by 20% by 2025 and continued phased reduction until there is no animal agriculture by 2050. Supporting farmers to diversify and transition towards plant-based agriculture, including rewilding of “unproductive” land with native bush. The funds to pay for all this could be taken from revenue currently not collected from multinational corporations operating in this country.

The government is asking for submissions on its Emissions Reduction Plan by the end of today (24th November). Nothing short of a complete paradigm shift is required to dig humanity out of the climate crisis. That means acting in accordance with the science on climate change mitigation. The good news is that the solutions are readily available, there is no need to wait for technology to save the planet, the solutions need to be put into practice now.

“With only 8 years left in which to take meaningful effective action to mitigate climate change, we have to set the bar as high as possible, not as low as possible,”
said Vegan Society spokesperson Claire Insley, “We must all act together, as individuals, as businesses, as councils, as governments. We all want to live on this planet, so we all need to make some very big changes to counteract the last 30 years of total inaction! The one thing individuals can do is change what they eat, and that’s really easy to do, finding another planet to live on has so far not been successful.”

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