International Volunteer Day.

5th December is International Volunteer Day and we would like to thank our 30 odd volunteers who have given us hundreds of hours of their time this year. Volunteering for the Vegan Society is a fairly thankless task as you do not even get to stroke or hang out with fluffy animals, like many who work in animal charities do. Our volunteers have an awesome skillset, from designers who help us produce professional looking leaflets, posters and adverts to those who love chatting to people at stalls. Our volunteers are working to bring positive change to the country through their advocacy work.

We have around 30 dedicated volunteers who give us thousands of hours of their time every year. They help out on stalls at expos, our awards ceremonies, stuffing envelopes, designing flyers, posters, memes, giving talks, writing for the magazine, offering their advice on specialist subjects and more!

We could not do all we do without these selfless individuals who help ensure we can hand out cupcakes on our stalls, who give us their time doing office admin, like Johanna Vroegop. She has been a long standing volunteer for us for over 10 years now. She ensures our members are reminded to pay their next year’s subscriptions and all their details are up to date. Many helpers come and run stalls at expos for us. We are even lucky enough to have expert medical advice when we need it from our volunteer plant-based physician Dr Mark Craig.

Our board members all give plenty of their free time to the cause and our newest addition is Mark Fitzgerald who has been very active organising library talks on Vegan Living for us. One thing all our volunteers have is a commitment to veganism and to growing our numbers every year. In this they have been very successful and New Zealand currently stands at 3rd in the world searching for veganism in Google. This has to be a good thing and we welcome more members to help us. If you are not yet a paid member why not join us now?


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