All I want for Xmas is World Peace

world peace at xmas

As our spring turns hotter, drier and becomes summer, our thoughts turn towards enjoying warm evenings with friends and family, picnics at the weekend and swimming in our beautiful waterways. Kids parties, outdoor activities, fun in the sun, festivals and music, it awaits us all. Where are the best vegan treats? It is good to know that there are more vegan gelato flavours and places to get them. Check out our ice cream page for more info.

Our Summer issue of Vegan and Plant-Based Living magazine is on the shelves of supermarkets across Aotearoa from 4th December, so make sure you grab a copy before they’re all sold out! Packed with great gift ideas, recipes, interviews and articles, this issue is bigger and better than ever 😊

This year we are encouraging hand made gifts and locally produced, handmade goods by artisan small businesses, such as our business members. They are not all cafes and restaurants. Many families are reducing their gift giving. There is already so much plastic stuff needlessly created, it is time to be smart and buy only what we need.

It is a busy time of year and now more than ever, conflicts across the world are ramping up. How can there be World Peace with all this turmoil? Peace starts within us all, so it is up to each of us to cultivate peace in our hearts. When each person knows peace in their heart, there can be no war, for who will do the fighting?

As vegans we welcome peace on our plates, we must also welcome peace in our hearts and continue to be kind and compassionate to all other beings.

Read our Christmas guide for practical ideas for your peace-full, vegan Xmas!

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