Dairy Free Awards 2024

Feb No Dairy 2024

Welcome to our fourth People’s Choice Awards ~ here to celebrate FebNoDairy are our Dairy Free Awards!

We invite you to make your selections amongst a host of exciting and delicious plant-based dairy alternatives across 6 different categories.

You have only until 19th FebNoDairy to get your votes in.  We placed several call outs on our socials for nominations and we emailed a lot of different companies to get our nominees down to those in the survey (see below).

We encourage you to give an answer to each of the categories, just to get your feedback on which are THE BEST dairy free ice creams, butters, yoghurts, creams, desserts, and milks. This is your chance to let your favourite companies know which are your preferred products!

We are delighted that every year there are more products on the market and new companies making seriously innovative delights. This year we are excited to see EatKinda with their incredible ice-cream made from cauliflower! Yep, you read that right! An ice-cream, made using cauliflowers! All the ugly ones too, that no one else wants to eat, so they are a great waste-saving benefit too. If you’ve recently purchased a plant-based ice-cream from Hell Pizza, you have probably already tried it and wondered how this is even possible!

We welcome Little Liberty into the awards, with their tasty ice-cream flavours. Now we can enjoy Little Liberty, Little Lato and Little Island! We have added in those yummy Alpro desserts, the 4 packs you see in the fridge section of supermarkets 😊

Don’t see your favourite here? Write to Amanda@vegansociety.org.nz to let her know your suggestion for next year’s awards.

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