It's No Meat May

It’s No Meat May and this year we are encouraging everyone to endorse the Plant Based Treaty. The PBT is a set of 38 proposals that can be adopted by individuals, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, organisations and even cities and regional councils. These proposals are in alignment with the goals of our petition and our organization. This is a great grass roots way to take back power into the hands of the people.

We are concentrating on persuading Dunedin to become Australasia’s first Plant Based City 😊 just as her sister city of Edinburgh has done. It is time for New Zealand to live in the 21st century, and that is one where animal lives are valued, where the madness of 50% of our carbon emissions being due to animal agriculture is acknowledged and worked towards reducing. By endorsing the Plant Based Treaty, we are accepting that change is required, and we have a plan to actively work towards.

In order for our species to survive in the long term, we have to change how we are doing things and mitigating climate change is surely one of our biggest hurdles at this time. This No Meat May we want to encourage plant eating, plant growing, and all things plant based throughout Aotearoa. We encourage you to endorse the Treaty yourself as an individual. If you are part of a business or organization, perhaps you can encourage them to endorse the Treaty too? Perhaps your place of education will endorse it?

By getting as many individuals, groups, places of education, businesses, organisations, cities, councils and everyone else to endorse the 38 proposals in whatever way they can, we are actively moving towards a sustainable, livable future for all. Every individual effort adds up to a rise and build in momentum, to persuade those in power and then create change.

We do not have the resources of 3 planets to feed 8 billion people and rising a meat and dairy diet. We only have this one and therefore we must use the resources wisely. Moving towards a plant-based economy will be key to our future survival.

Head along to the Plant Based Treaty website and see what you can do to help persuade your business, organisation, place of education, city or regional council endorse the Treaty 😊

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