November is Vegan Month


In 2019, The Economist dubbed it Year of the Vegan, and the momentum has continued since then, with an increase in vegan products, people searching “vegan” online, and NZ is ranked 4th in the world for veganism! Not bad for a little country with half of its emissions due to animal agriculture! It shows that even here, people are becoming more aware that what they eat has an impact on our planet.

It is in humanity’s darkest depths that the brightest lights come out! Being vegan is a very easy and simple step in helping humanity to live within the resource means of Earth. It’s a step that every individual can make and the more people who do so, the better our chances of turning around the climate crisis currently unfolding.

There is now 5 years of research showing that the quickest, most effective and simplest way out of the climate crisis is for a global shift towards a plant-based economy. Diet change really does mitigate climate change, with savings of up to 73% of the food carbon footprint, by going vegan. The opportunity to replenish the world’s forests and recreate desperately needed wildlife habitats, only exist if we take back the 85% of global farmland devoted to animal agriculture.

Eating plants requires much less land and water than animal agriculture, which is a prime driver of climate change. Growing plants means more greenery sucking up our excess CO2, and the rewilding of large tracts of land that can occur, will bring cleaner air. Eating a wholefood diet is a very healthy choice for people of all ages, with many diseases of excess being reversed by this simple change. Veganism is not only kinder to the animals, but also to our planet, and to yourself.

Encourage an omni friend or family member to take one of our Vegan Challenges today!

November is Vegan Month

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