The Pie's the Limit!

2023 Awards

In the sixth year of running the New Zealand Vegan Pie Awards, the new entrants kept coming in. This is great news for vegan pie lovers all over the country. As more bakeries receive requests from people wanting vegan pies, Kiwi bakers are stepping up to the task and those taking part in Bakels competition are also joining in. This year there has been a small flood of Cambodian bakers entering, which will be good to see what delights they have brought to the competition.

This year the top prize is $1000, for our Supreme Winner! The whole event is sponsored by Gilmours, Grain Corp and The Coffee Club. Judging takes place at Crave Café between 9am and midday, on 23rd October, slightly earlier than usual.

This year our judges are Master Baker and Lifetime Contributor to the Pie Awards, Jason Hay, who is joined by Jasbir Kaur, multi-award-winning executive chef & trainer and award judge regular, she is also President of NZ Chef Association Auckland. An esteemed figure in plant-based culinary innovation, who is known for her delicious, non-fuss, plant-based recipes, cookbook author, Kelsi Boocock is the third judge. Operations Manager at Sudima Hotels, Dharam Shah who honed his skills and passion by working in prestigious luxury hotels across India, becoming Executive Chef in Agra, completes the panel.

A gala dinner will be held the day after the awards at Kind Café, where a delicious, sumptuous dinner (not pies!) will help to crown the winners. Tickets are available so get in quick if you wish. All the information you need is here https://vegansociety.org.nz/nz-vegan-pie-awards/


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