Vegan Cheese Awards Gala

The Vegan Cheese Awards Gala

On the evening of August 10th, we held our inaugural Vegan Cheese and Wine Pairing Event, at the delightful Kind Café in Morningside. The heart of the event lay in the unparalleled pairing of vegan cheeses and wines. The spotlight was on the winners of our Vegan Cheese Awards, a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of plant-based cheese makers.

Judge Kaur, renowned for her innovative approach to plant-based cuisine, curated a menu that paired award-winning vegan cheeses with a selection of wines, resulting in a harmonious marriage of tastes and aromas.

Gilmour’s, who generously sponsored a variety of wines, added an extra layer of sophistication to the event by their presence. This collaboration exemplified the spirit of partnership and innovation, uniting local businesses to create an experience that resonated with attendees. A great place for our winners to meet and network with potential partners.

Judge and Chef Jasbir Kaur, masterfully guided guests through the intricacies of flavour profiles, textures and aromas. Attendees were encouraged to engage their senses, drawing connections between the complexities of vegan cheese and the nuanced notes of wine. It was an experience that not only indulged the palate but also enriched the mind.

The Vegan Cheese and Wine Pairing Event proved to be an overwhelming success, underscoring the growing curiosity and appreciation for plant-based cuisine in New Zealand. With an impressive line-up of nine cheeses, seven wines, and a non-alcoholic wine option, the event catered to a diverse audience, all celebrating culinary artistry. We are deeply grateful for the amazing staff who were exemplary and to our host Kind café, without whom, the event could not have happened.

Tickets were on sale from our website. Watch out for next year’s event!

Photos of the event can be seen here >>

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