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“Eating meat is part of our culture”

21 Jul 2017

oh dont mind me.jpg I am having lunch with one of my Island brothers. He has just finished asking me how long I have been vegan for and is now flabbergasted, that I haven't died from malnutrition. My favourite part is when he postulates, that eating meat is like wearing jandals, intrinsic to being Samoan. I look at his lunch meal thinking mmm: Chicken chop suey…I am pretty sure that’s Chinese Cook Island deep fried donuts…umm yeaah no comment Fried chicken…yeah nah, I’m not feeling the cultural authenticity here brother In times like this, I always portray an outwardly open and approachable demeanour…it’s a well practiced façade. In reality, I have mentally withdrawn to my well-being-care-bear song of the day. Today, it is Sly &The Family Stone: “And different strokes for different folks And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo” I love the Scooby dooby doo part, always gets me in the feels. My mate’s voice cuts through my care bear song… “Bro, Isn’t Veganism a middle class, hipster, white thing? Brother, that’s what happens from only dating white girls all your life” I crack up, laughing hard…that was a good one