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Support groups

31 May 2017

I think support groups with like-minded people are one of the most helpful things to assist your transition into veganism. I joined 10+ vegan groups on Facebook to help with my transition and gain an understanding of the lifestyle and get helpful advice and connect with fellow vegans! If I didn’t have the support I had, I would have surely found my change to be a lot harder! I was able to connect with people who had experience with veganism and the lifestyle and they were to share their experiences and give me advice to help me get the best experience out of my lifestyle as possible! Connecting with people in your country, city, school, workplace, family, friend network etc is easy and available as an option for anyone! Asking for help and seeking advice is NOT a weakness, it is a strength as you are expanding your knowledge, compassion and awareness of the world. Be proud to ask for tips, seek advice from other people, trust me, it is really helpful and so much harder to do everything on your own or make mistakes and learn the hard way. As a Wellingtonian, the Facebook group Wellington Vegans really helped me as a new vegan and I still use it very frequently to connect with fellow local vegans and seek advice, support or help. I also joined some NZ vegan groups and international vegan groups too. Everyone deserves support and someone to talk to, for me these groups are a great place to start! I have made a few of my good friends through vegan Facebook groups and been connected to people in my school and local area with like-minded views, ethics and values.

Wellington Vegans.jpg

To help new vegans, particularly teenagers, I started my own Facebook support group called Transitioning teenage vegans nz and am sharing my experiences and sharing recipes with similar-minded people. Some schools and workplaces even have things like vegetarian/vegan clubs where you can become friends and confidantes with people who really get you! I highly recommend joining or creating a vegan support and vegan friendship group whether that be through social media, the internet, your school or workplace etc and start connecting with like-minded people especially if you are a new vegan or wanting to transition. While there is always going to be trolls, most people are experienced and genuine and want to help and share experiences etc just as much as you. To find groups in your area, see the Groups page on this website.