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Marvellous vegan alternatives - part 1

01 Sep 2015

So you are thinking about veganism but are struggling with the idea of “missing out” on your favourite treats and takeaways? Fear not! Just about every food (including junk food!) can be replaced or crafted in vegan form. In this blog I relate my favourite vegan alternatives from takeaways to body products and of course chocolate and cheese! There are too many to include in this blog, so look out for part two on this topic “Even More Marvellous Vegan Alternatives”. Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the good stuff. More and more companies are creating vegan products all the time, and you can too! Here is the first part of my list of vegan alternatives to make your soul sing.


blog5_1.jpg Chocolate was one of the reasons I stayed vegetarian as long as I did. Who can go past a row of dairy milk chocolate? Truthfully, we all can, including YOU! This task is made easier by Green and Black’s – makers of the best dark chocolate ever. Green and Black’s do several chocolate bars, but I cannot recommend the Green and Black’s Dark 85% highly enough. Melt in your mouth, heavy-hitting cocoa taste that banishes even the most persistent chocolate cravings.


blog5_2.jpg The idea that a person “can’t give up cheese” need not be an excuse to avoid veganism any longer. Angel Food has created a range of delectable vegan cheeses, much to the satisfaction of vegans everywhere. A serving of dairy-free cheese can be a real treat for the new vegan, searching for some normalcy in a whole new plant-based world. There are plenty of vegan cheese alternatives out there, to make by hand and to buy, but the best I have come across so far is the Angel Food Mozzarella. Top homemade pizzas, pies, savoury muffins or Mexican food with a sprinkling of this creamy goodness, to add something special to your favourite dish. Angel Food also makes a delicious parmesan alternative, so good it has to be tasted to be understood.


blog5_3.jpg Hells Pizza vegetarian range meets Angel Food Dairy Free Mozzarella. If you havn’t yet tried this epic combination, don’t wait another day. The fact I can buy vegan pizza with cheese is enough of a reason to have a cheat day.


blog5_4.jpg Nachos are a staple meal in my house. Every week we enjoy at least one Mexican feast, and I can honestly say I have never enjoyed nachos as much as I do as a vegan. Introducing the best nacho meat alternative - Black Beans. Black Beans are the tastiest, most versatile bean that can be paired with sweet corn perfectly in any dish. Combine equal parts sweet corn, black beans and diced capsicum to make an incredible nacho mix, accompanied by homemade salsa, homemade vegan aioli, guacamole, salad and spices to taste. You could even add Angel Food Cheese to please the cheese-lovers!

Body products and household products

blog5_5.jpg Choosing a vegan lifestyle encompasses more than just an animal-friendly diet. It also means using body and house hold products which are not tested on animals and are cruelty free. Lots of body products and household cleaners can be made at home.

Two of my favourite homemade potions are: Make up remover (for eye makeup): You will need: One Dropper bottle Household oil of your choice (Rice bran or olive oil work well) Just put your oil in the dropper bottle and voila – homemade make up remover. It works like a charm, its chemical and cruelty free and it’s super cheap to make. Household cleaning spray: You will need: White vinegar and spring water (equal parts) Orange essential oil (10-20 drops) Spray bottle (500ml capacity or more) Combine all ingredients directly into the spray bottle. Now go attack the grime, mould and build up you have been ignoring. This also makes a miracle kitchen cleaner.

These are just a few of the marvellous vegan alternatives out there waiting for you to try. My next blog will feature more tasty and animal friendly alternatives that make being vegan easy and delicious. Look out for Even More Marvellous Vegan Alternatives, coming to your screen soon.