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Stefan Bio

01 Dec 2016

First introduced to veganism through punk rock music, Stefan arrived at animal rights in academia through a first year university paper. Studying the literature on our attitudes toward animals, notions of speciesism and sentience in Peter Singer’s work proved a catalyst in Stefan's shift towards an entirely vegan lifestyle. Finding a kindred spirit in Singer and the wider animal kingdom, Stefan felt vindicated in his lasting empathy for non-human beings once abreast of Singer’s philosophy, recalling displeasure at witnessing fishing and sheep-shearing as a child. Heavily committed to nutrition also, Stefan believes practically all Western diseases are both preventable and curable through a plant-based diet, paying equal heed to avoiding processed foods and citing the likes of Brenda Davis, Joel Fuhrman, Neal Barnard, Bob DeMaria and Michael Klaper as key influencers in his thinking.