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What is veganism?

What does vegan mean, and why go vegan? For the animals, the environment and your health. Find out more here.

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Tips and resources to help you go vegan, including meal ideas, nutritional information, dairy alternatives, and more.


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The vegan society magazine is sent out with your vegan society membership. You can also order online and read past articles.


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Baby vegan blog - New to veganism in 2016. Vegan blokes blog by Apollo. Plant runner blog by Brad. Latest blog Shooting Range Manversations by Apollo.

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Vegan profiles

Read profiles of New Zealand vegans. Latest profile: Heather Moodie, Editor and retired high school teacher


Resources for vegans in New Zealand! Including shopping tips, travel tips, and where to eat out.


Check out the Vegan Societies range of Tees and Hoodies and order online.

Vegan news

Winner of our T-Shirt design competition

TShirtWinner.jpg Well done and thank you to Rebekah Taylor for this great design. Available in a variety of colours, not just black. To get this awesome T shirt, you can order online from our range on print mighty.

Vegan Society blogger Apollo was interviewed recently on Safe and Sound

ApolloRadio.jpg Safe and sound interview NZ born Samoan vegan Apollo Taito (Polu Paul Taito). Apollo wears many hats; health manager, soldier in the territorial army, PhD student and writer. Influenced by his lovely Danish Yogini wife Helene, he became vegan a few years ago, initially for health reasons. When he learned what we do to innocent animals Apollo became a dedicated animal activist and blogger on such topics as vegan masculinity and animal rights. Apollo swears by the vegan lifestyle, and attributes his good physical health, fitness and mental well-being to it. Speaking here with Lynley and Sandra, Apollo shares his personal story and reflections, including the health issues of Pacific Island communities. Lynley also shares her thoughts on the sentencing of the worker found guilty of bobby calf abuse. You can listen here on access radio - safe and sound.

New vegan food business in Christchurch - Green Dinner Table

GreenDinnerTable.jpg Green Dinner Table takes the hassle out of healthy eating. Sign up and every Sunday you'll receive a meal box containing fresh, local and responsibly sourced ingredients. Resident Chef Tom Riley creates incredible plant-based recipes that take the work out of healthy and great tasting vegan cooking. Your delivery includes sauces, curry pastes, spice mixes, etc. So it really couldn't be easier to enjoy restaurant quality plant-based meals at home!

Upcoming events

Auckland - Carpooling to the Whangarei Vegan Expo

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Whangarei - Vegan Expo - Whangarei 29 Oct 2016

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Wairarapa - World Vegan Day Potluck Picnic

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Auckland - World Vegan Day picnic

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Christchurch - World Vegan Day dinner

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Hawkes Bay - World Vegan Day Potluck (Hastings)

Sunday, 30 October 2016

See the events page for more details.